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We just love to have a lekke Braai!

It all started around 1985. Lappies used his skills in the food and restaurant industry and tweaked an existing basting sauce recipe with a secret blend of spices and herbs. This would later become what we all know and love as Lappies Braai Sauce Traditional... At that time Lappies had a butchery and Spit-Braai business. Being a man that loves all things meat and food-related, he also had a specifically big love for entertaining around a braai! It didn’t take long before friends and family tasted and loved Lappies Braai Sauce! People from all over Somerset West would bring containers and buy the sauce for their own home use, hence Lappies Braai Sauce, a real family-owned success story, was born commercially!


The Sticky Rib variation came into existence when Lappies added something extra to the traditional mix, making it sweeter and complimenting pork and chicken in a way no other basting/marinade can!


Similarly, the Lappies with a hint of chilli was born when Lappies added chilli oil, chilli flakes and some other delicious ingredients to the traditional sauce to use as a Peri-Peri basting and marinade for chicken or

prego steak rolls.

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